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Born in the Bronx NY and raised an hour north from there in Rockland County Charles Scandura is a native to New York State. He is an award-winning artist, filmmaker, a passionate musician, and writer. He is also an inventor who has sold a system for securely transporting and tracking large files over the network. 

 Video Production, Post-Production, and Design have been his areas of professional expertise, but he is comfortable in technical surroundings and flourishes in creative environments. He has performed work in these aspects for clients such as A&E, HBO, SONY, NBC Universal/SyFy, PBS, and Lionsgate to name a few.

 He has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a minor in Studio Composition. His final thesis veered into the sciences with a focus on the philosophical implications of the measurement problem as exemplified in the quantum physics double-slit experiment. He also holds a Lakan certificate in the Philippino martial art Pekiti-Tirsa Arnis.experiment. He also holds a Lakan certificate in the Philippine’s martial art Pekiti-Tirsa Arnis.

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I'm afraid to call myself an artist for many reasons. That said I think it's fair to say that I'm aesthetically inclined. Like most people many of my proudest creations lie lost somewhere between the timeless void of the dream and waking reality.  Bridging these two realities; whether through art, music, film or the written word has always seemed like a worth-wile pursuit and in many cases a worthy challenge. Hopefully these expressions can inspire the same joy and passion, for the ineffable mysteries from which they were forged .

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