Negativehare negative hate,

Negativehate, Chuck Scandura,

Keith Ranalli, Steve Koller,

Dmitri Benzinger, Mike Stewart, Eric Stewart, Sergio Sanchez, Prog Metal, Industrial, Grindcore, Death Metal, Freedom Shayed, Lee Batow


Don't Wake What You Create
Expansion of the Universe
Waltzing on Algorithmns

In Cosmic Winter  (2012)

72 Hours After Exposure
The Edge of Never
Planet X

Annabelle the Cannibal (2003)

Annabelle The Cannibal
Her Cigarette Lipstick Trash-Talk Mouth

Navigates the Alpha Trail (2002 EP)

Raw Mere War

F#@% You and Your Pink Mood (1999)

Raw Mirror War
Don''t Talk To Me About November
Dreams Won't Forget